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New Profiles
Wolfowitz, Paul

Paul Wolfowitz, a visiting fellow at the neoconservative American Enterprise Institute, is a controversial former World Bank chief and Pentagon official who was closely involved in the decision to invade Iraq in 2003.

Muravchik, Joshua

Joshua Muravchik, a neoconserviative ideologue based at the School of Advanced International Studies, has longed pushed for a U.S. attack on Iraq and has a track record attacking people who criticize Israel.

Lieberman, Joe

Joe Lieberman, the neoconservative Democrat from Connecticut who retired from the Senate in 2013, co-chairs a foreign policy project at the American Enterprise Institute.

Abrams, Rachel (1951-2013)

Rachel Abrams was a member of a well-established neoconservative family who blogged for the Weekly Standard and served as a board member of the Emergency Committee for Israel.

Wurmser, David

A “pro-Israel” hawk and former Dick Cheney adviser who once championed taking the “war on terror” to Latin America, David Wurmser now promotes Israeli natural gas interests and supports a strike on Iran.

From the Wires
The US Must Do Less To Resolve the Israel-Palestine Conflict

October, 24 2014

The U.S. bears enormous responsibility for the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and needs to do less, in terms of its overriding commitment to Israel, to resolve this conflict.

Beltway Foreign Policy Groups to Congress: Stay Out of the Way on Iran!

October, 24 2014

A recent letter to members of Congress from 37 organizations urges support for the White House’s efforts to reach a diplomatic agreement on Iran’s nuclear program.

As Optimism Grows, Possible Iran Deal Gains Key Endorsement

October, 24 2014

A recent endorsement for a possible nuclear deal with Iran by an influential former official will provide much needed political cover to shaky Democrats.

US Airdrops to Kobani Kurds Mark New Stage in ISIL Conflict

October, 21 2014

Obama’s decision to airdrop new weapons and supplies to Kurdish fighters in the besieged town of Kobani has been praised by Republican hawks, who have called for much stronger action, including no-fly zones and attacks on Syrian military targets.

Gaza and the Bipartisan War on Human Rights

October, 21 2014

Democrats and Republicans in Washington have been swift in their efforts to discredit human rights groups who have criticized the Israeli government’s talking points on Gaza.

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