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New Profiles
National Interest

The National Interest is a realist-leaning foreign policy magazine founded by Irving Kristol and later taken over by the Nixon Center.

Schlesinger, James

James Schlesinger was a former CIA director, Pentagon chief, and energy secretary.

Stephens, Bret

Wall Street Journal “Global View” columnist Bret Stephens has long trumpeted a right-wing line on the Middle East and Israel.

Daremblum, Jaime

Jaime Daremblum directs the Center for Latin American Studies at the neoconservative Hudson Institute.

Concerned Women for America

Concerned Women for America is a right-wing Christian advocacy group that pushes conservative viewpoints on social, economic, and foreign policy issues.

From the Wires
Mark Kirk: First I was for the State Department, Now I Prefer Israel

April, 17 2014

Sen. Mark Kirk, the strongly hawkish Republican from Illinois who has accused the State Department of playing politics by negotiating with Iran, has grown increasingly strident in his support for Israel as campaign donations from “pro-Israel” groups has ballooned.

The Politics of the EU Resolution on Iran

April, 15 2014

A recent resolution passed by the European Parliament promoting renewed engagement between Iran and the EU has angered Iran because it scrutinizes Tehran's human rights record and calls on EU diplomats to meet with Iranian dissidents.

Truman Was Less “Pro-Israel” than Commonly Known, New Book Says

April, 13 2014

A new book argues that President Harry Truman, the U.S. president who first recognized the state of Israel, was skeptical of a Jewish-led state, preferring instead a joint Jewish-Arab federation in Palestine.

The WaPo’s Strange Treatment of Adelson Pal Paul Singer

April, 09 2014

In its report on GOP mega-donor Paul Singer's financial support for gay rights causes, the Washington Post neglected to mention Singer's potentially greater support for hardline neoconservative foreign policy outfits.

Criminal Court a U.S.-Israeli “Red Line” for Palestinians

April, 07 2014

Although Palestinians have sought to pressure Israel by applying for membership in a host of international organizations, they have so far refrained from joining the International Criminal Court, which would enable them to bring war crimes cases against Israel.

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